Recipe: Vegetable Confit Mille-Feuilles with Parmesan Tuiles

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Eggplant and Tomato Confit Mille-feuilles with Parmesan Tuiles

Translated from the French and adapted by Jonell Galloway

Any respectable pastry chef has to know how to make mille-feuilles. The name literally means “thousand sheets”, and consists of thin layers of flaky pastry, stacked one on top of the other, with layers of cream or some other filling in between.

This recipe is in fact a variation of the classic mille-feuilles, but it sure to impress your guests. If you’ve never made tuiles before, you might want to give it a test run before actually serving it at a dinner party.

The recipe comes from the excellent Larousse Cuisine website, and is taken from a book entitled Millefeuille, by Julia Schwob (in French).

This is a summer dish, so whether it is seasonal depends on what hemisphere you live in. The summer eggplant/tomato combination could be replaced with winter vegetable combinations, any vegetable that can be sliced thinly, for example steamed carrots and/or cauliflower and cumin seeds, or asparagus tips.

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