Relaunching of The Rambling Epicure E-zine

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I launched The Rambling Epicure e-zine, this website, nearly ten years ago as a literary culinary electronic magazine with a host of well-known food writers and photographers, all of whom are still active members of the related Facebook groups Culinary Travel and Mastering the Art of Food Writing. Editing and publishing this on my own required an incredible amount of gratifying work and because I was busy with my personal projects, I have left it semi-dormant for the last year or two. Today, I would like to relaunch it in a different form as part of an effort to encourage conversation about food, cooking, and writing.

My primary goal is for The Rambling Epicure to become a wellspring of enlightening epicurean essays and culinary fiction. We all have captivating personal and family tales about what we cooked and what we ate through many generations, during good times and bad. These memories are part of our food culture—and our food heritage—and should be an effective way to transmit our experiences and values beyond our front doors.

But my ambitions are greater than just memoir: I’m also interested in publishing articles and essays related to historical research in the field of gastronomy and in reviews of food books.

I would like to make this a cooperative effort that opens the door for us to share our potential as cooks, diners, and writers. Together, we will create a literary culinary site unlike any other, with information and stories that can be passed down to future generations.

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Lists of Food Writers

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Top Food Writers over the Ages

Historical Food Writers



J.A. Brillat-Savarin

Grimod de La Reyniere




Historians of Food and Foodways

Rachel Laudan

Lizzie Collingham

Alan Davidson

Claudia Roden

Margaret Visser

Carolin C. Young

Michael J. Twitty

Waverley Root


M.F.K. Fisher

Elizabeth David

Julia Child

Richard Olney

Marcella Hazan

Madhur Jaffrey

Edna Lewis

Harold McGee

Alice Waters

Paula Wolfert

Harold McGee

Irma Rombauer

Notable Writers of Our Time

Tamar Adler – food studies

Anna Mendelson – food studies and biographer

Jacob Epstein – publisher and memoirist

Judith Jones – cookbook editor and memoirist

Michael J. Twitty – food studies

Gabrielle Hamilton — memoirs

Fuchsia Dunlop – food studies and memoirs

David Leite – food journalism

Molly O’Neill  – food journalism

Marcus Samuelson — cookbooks

Anita Mannur – food studies

Kim Sunee

Andrea Nguyen — cookbooks

Raghavan Iyer – cooking and food journalim

Mei Chin — memoirs

Gary Paul Nabhan – food studies

Calvin Trillin — foodways

Nigel Slater — cookbooks

Ottolenghi — cookbooks

Joan Nathan — cookbooks

John Thorne – food journalism and cooking

Ed Behr – food studies

Zarela Martinez

Aglaia Kremezi

Laurie Colwin — foodways

Roy Andries de Groot – travel, food and locavorism

Waverley Root – food journalism and food history

Samuel Chamberlain – travel and food

Nora Ephron — memoirs

Craig Claiborne – Cookbooks and Journalism

Anthony Bourdain – memoirs and travel

Jamie Oliver — cooking

Joseph Wechsberg – travel and foodways

James Beard – cookbooks and food studies

Clementine Paddleford — foodways

Ludwig Bemelmans — memoirs

Nancy Singleton Hachisu — cookbooks

Elizabeth Andoh — cookbooks

Emerging Writers of our Time

Literary Writers Concerned with Food



Virginia Woolf


Emily Dickinson

Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein

Writers Who Write to Change Foodways

Wendell Berry

Michael Pollan

Barry Estabrook

Wenonah Hauter

Frances Moore Lappe

Dan Barber

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Classic Food Writing

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Classic Food Writing

My list is so old-fashioned and unsurprising:

Waverley Root


Pellegrino Artusi


MFK Fisher

Hannah Glasse

Mrs Beeton

Alexandre Dumas





Jason Lowe, Jonathan Lovekin, Georgia Glynn Smith

Calvin Trillin

Samuel Pepys

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Professional Writers

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Publishing on TRE for Professional Writers

Since its founding in 2009, The Rambling Epicure has been blessed with the presence of established food writers.

The Rambling Epicure platform supports all types of food writing: history; long-form  journalism; travel writing; cookbook writing; science writing as it relates to food; agricultural writing; fiction that is thematically related to food; memoirs; and, essays.

If you wish to draw attention to a coming publication by posting here, you are most welcome to do so. You may want to announce a book site or a new blog here here, too. Just contact us.

Whatever you post here will be distributed, at no charge, over multiple social media platforms. We are serious about getting your message out. A post here can garner a readership of over 60,000, in the first few weeks alone.

If you are a writer in search of good company and have a spectacular piece of writing but no online platform, or if you simply think The Rambling Epicure is the right place for you to publish, then feel free to send your material our way.

If you are branching out from print publishing to an online career, please have a look at our classes for writers who need to optimize their online presence, the better to build an author platform. It’s not literary, but it’s necessary.

We also give a down-and-dirty class on the world of ebooks. We like them, and we are preparing one of our own for publication soon. Benefit from our research, and see if this option is for you.


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