New Food Vocabulary: What’s a Foodalanche?

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by Jonell Galloway

Foodalanches and Properly Packed Fridges / Food Storage

There’s  nothing more amusing than looking up outlandish words and definitions about food (or other subjects) on the Urban Dictionary site.

Today’s word is “foodalanche,” meaning “an occurrence during the process of opening a fridge or similar container and having all the food fall on top of you.”

A properly packed fridge allows circulation of cold air around every article










Who amongst us hasn’t been guilty of filling the refrigerator so full that when we open the door, everything comes tumbling out like an avalanche? Just the vibration and movement caused by the opening of the door causes all those tightly packed goodies to come plunging forth into a pile on the kitchen floor, leaving broken jars, burst packages, and milk splashing onto our shoes and clothes. And then there’s the mess to clean up, of course…

An overpacked fridge like this does not allow circulation of cold air around articles, so cooling is inefficient. It also causes foodalanches!













It is important to realize that simple physics tells us that food doesn’t cool properly when it doesn’t have air around it, since the refrigerator cools the air, and the air in turn cools the food. But does that mean we’re not guilty of it?

Example of usage of the word


Here we go again. There were so many beautiful fruits and vegetables at the farmers market today that I just couldn’t avoid buying them, so when I opened the door, there was a real foodalanche! (Yes, that’s really me talking.)


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  • Elatia Harris
    May 30, 2013

    I installed webbing straps inside the fridge, and tie them with Windsor knots — this NEVER happens to me.