Swiss Food: Tarte à la Raisinée – Apple & Pear Syrup Pie

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Swiss Food: Fribourg-style Tarte à la Raisinée – Apple and Pear Syrup Pie

 Inspired by Frédy Girardet’s recipe in La Cuisine Spontanée, published by Robert Laffont

What is Swiss Raisinée?

The Vaudois word raisinée refers to a syrup made of the must of apples and pears. It was originally cooked in grape juice, thus the name — raisin means grape in French. Often called vin cuit, or “cooked wine”, it is in the form of a dark brown, viscous liquid. In still other parts of Switzerland, another concoction similar in consistency to jam and using the same ingredients is called cougnarde and probably dates back to at least the Middle Ages. Raisinée was used as a sweetener in many regions in Europe, and the tradition has lingered in Switzerland, especially in the cantons of Vaud, Fribourg and Neuchâtel. Today, it is mainly used for cakes and pies, and is not fermented, so it not technically a wine.


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