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About Jonell Galloway

I’m Jonell Galloway. I grew up on Wendell Berry and food straight from a backyard Kentucky garden.

The library and my grandparents’ garden and table were my favorite hangouts as a child, and the rest of my life has evolved around them. My house is like an overflowing library, and the “fruits” of my kitchen delight the palates and noses of our family, neighbors and friends.

I had a vision of promoting the loves of my life, food and writing, so I founded the non-profit website The Rambling Epicure in 2009.

My viewpoints about food and writing are mine and are only influenced by my reading, travels and first-hand knowledge. I believe in real food grown in a caring, loving environment without industrial processing. I don’t promote anything – no restaurants, no writers, no brand names – that I don’t truly believe in.

The people I frequent often have the same philosophy, but that is not exclusive. Many are writers and artists who uphold similar ideals and seek similar goals; many are fellow travelers in life.

If you’d like to become part of my world and share my personal food and travel adventures, you can follow me here:

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Food writing and word mastering have always been my line of work. The Rambling Epicure promotes the best food writing by the best writers in the field. In May 2014, respected writer Elatia Harris and I joined to form a food writing community: The Rambling Epicure, Mastering the Art of Food Writing, where you can follow our very active Facebook discussions, writing, and reflections on writing. Our community is inhabited by people like you who want to become a food writer, who seek to improve their food writing, or who are already professional writers in search of a like-minded community, and others who simply like reading food literature.

Click here to follow us. The Rambling Epicure, Mastering the Art of Food Writing

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