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Food Writing Classes

Classes Offered

The 16 classes below cover a lot of territory. Taught in one-hour units, they speed your path to mastering the most important and challenging aspects of food writing today. Matters of style, content, and being current. More intro coming…

Basics 101

Even though people say you’re a great storyteller, do you feel you let them down when you write rather than talk? It’s no secret — writing confidently and often is key to writing well. Using the grammar and punctuation that editors require for their publications is a supreme confidence builder. This is a “best foot forward” class for writers-in-training who want to arrive on the scene with all the specs.

Beginning Food Writer

Already writing about food, and searching for your truest direction? The scope of food writing is far bigger than it was a decade ago, and you may find what you’re looking for by considering how that expansion applies to you. This course shows you a systematic method for transitioning from general writing to food writing, and teaches you how to find both your voice and the best form for manifesting your gifts. Take this course and follow it up with “Essentials of Food Writing.”

Essentials of Food Writing

Have you decided that food writing is definitely for you? Worthy not only of all your skills, but of your learning some new ones too? This class is for you if you are a committed writer who wants to adapt your voice and style to food writing. There is a strong emphasis her on mapping out a body of work. Not quite ready? Take “Beginning Food Writer” first.

Editing and Revising Your Own Manuscript

As writers, we are often so close to our text that we can no longer see how to perfect it. This class focuses on achieving the crucial editorial distance that allows you to create your best work. You will learn to use technical tools to help you work faster, and to ensure that you send a perfect manuscript to potential editors and publishers. Recommended for writers who also take “Beginning Food Writer” and/or “Essentials of Food Writing.”

Word Processing 101

Word processing skills are essential for almost any profession, and in particular for writers. This class teaches all the basic skills you’ll require in the food writing profession. Recommended to writers who opt for “Editing and Revising Your Own Manuscript.”

How to Start a Food Blog

For food writing students and professional food writers alike, a food blog and online presence are difficult to make headway without. Both will help you build a readership and a platform, which is something publishers and editors take very seriously. It ensures them that you already have a following. This class will guide you through the entire process, from choosing a platform, setting up your blog, maintaining it, and getting the word out to the public through social media and effective search engine optimization.

Social Media without Blogging

Some writers don’t want the mammoth technical difficulties that food blogging entails. This class teaches you how to build a social media presence and a brand, without keeping up a blog. You will be surprised to see yourself commanding an increasingly large following. If you know for a certainty that you don’t want to blog, take this course to find out how not to miss out on that account.

For Experienced Writers — Crafting an Online Presence

Research Methods for Non-academics

How to Conduct an Excellent Interview

How to Write About Food for Kids

When Food Writing Overlaps with Ag Writing

Problems in Wine Writing and How to Avoid Them

Bioscience for Food Writers

Culinary Literacy for Food Writers

Sustainability for Food Writers

Ebook Overview

Now that indie publishing is an unlimited new world, you may not be looking for an agent or a publisher. You may be looking for a profitable niche, or a route to paper publishing that involves building an online platform first. You hold more of the fate of your work in your hands than ever before, and you may want to find out whether the driver’s seat, in e-publishing, is where you want to be. Join this class for an overview of up-to-the-minute realities that will be decisive for you.

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The Rambling Epicure is a food writing community full of resources. Many are free. Join us, and explore them. Through our classes, programs, and one-on-one work with clients, we are a full-service network of support for food writers. Would you like to talk with us about what we could do for you? Say hi, with a brief intro, using the form above, and email us LINK an sample of your work so that we can give you our best estimate.

And, for a good time in good company, join our food writing forum on Facebook at The Rambling Epicure, Mastering the Art of Food Writing. You will make some excellent connections there.


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