17 ways of eating on a budget without sacrificing your health

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by Rosa Mayland

  1. Never shop on an empty stomach.
  2. Buy in bulk.
  3. Visit your supermarket as little as needed and make precise shopping lists.
  4. Don’t buy more than needed. Stick to your shopping lists.
  5. Make a budget, stick to it, and keep track of all expenses.
  6. Know your supermarket well and be wise to supermarket tricks.
  7. Limit your dining out. Eat at home.
  8. Shop seasonally and locally. It’s cheaper and healthier.
  9. Avoid all bagged, fancy packaged, ready-to-eat and processed food/meals (unless it is straightforward canned food). Avoid junk food unless it’s a treat you make at home from time to time.
    Swiss food pyramid.

  10. Eat more frugally (smaller portions) and only when you are hungry.
  11. Eat less meat, but more sustainable fish, cheese and eggs.
  12. Emphasize grains, legumes and vegetables (understand the food pyramid).
  13. Make double batches when you cook — one batch to eat straight away and one to freeze.
  14. Recycle leftovers and don’t waste food.
  15. Always stock your freezer with a selection of ice-friendly food, your kitchen pantry with imperishable and your spice cupboards with lots of condiments.
  16. Drink lots of tap water. Limit your consumption of alcohol, coffee, tea, sodas cut out most bought beverages. They represent a large expense.
  17. Take an interest in foreign and exotic culinary dishes, as they use bargain ingredients and small quantities of costlier ingredients.
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1 Comment
  • Jonell Galloway
    October 5, 2011

    A good start for cutting your food budget and still eating healthily. The tips are extremely common sense and do-able.