An Ode to Thanksgiving: A Poem by Mark Manning

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by Jonell Galloway

While there is an abundance of Christmas songs, both religious and simply festive, there aren’t many Thanksgiving songs to remember, so Mark Manning decided to take a stab at one. It’s a jolly effort!

Randolph the Red-beaked Turkey

by Mark Manning

Randolph the red-beaked turkey
Had a very shiny beak.
And if you ever saw it,
It would be Thanksgiving week.
None of the other turkeys
Ever laughed or called him names.
(That’s just because they’re turkeys —
Turkeys all have tiny brains.)
Then one bright Thanksgiving eve
Th’ farmer came to say,
“Randolph with your beak so bright,
You’ll be on the plate tonight.”
Then all the diners loved him,
And they shouted out with glee,
“Randolph the red-beaked turkey,
You taste great with mom’s gravy!”


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