David Downie: Burgundy: Grapes No Gripes

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by David Downie

From Burgundy, land of emerald pastures, grapevines, giant white cows, and looping two-lane roads where tractors stop for crossing snails or lost chickens…no joke…

Somehow the wildflowers found their way into our watering can (made of plastic). We made about 10 bouquets for the house, and for friends, and put the rest in buckets and…watering cans…

This year is extraordinary when it comes to wildflowers. Whether the wine is also great is an open question: strange weather. Drought for 3 1/2 months then serious heat, then rain rain rain rain rain and damp… Lots of rot, not all all of it noble. But many of our wine and table grapes are fine. And we’re growing them these days with our wisteria vines, hollyhocks and hydrangeas — the big old panicolata heirloom variety. These are the only hydrangeas I know of that are scented. Delicious…

So, if you were wondering why I haven’t been blogging or playing with Facebook and Twitter… now you know. Busy in Burgundy, holed up in a place with no Internet access, no cell phone connectivity, just birds and cows and clean air and quiet… I have been here for many moons.

Moons? For proof, see the photos: the one with the golden pastures and trees was taken during the drought. The other full-moon shot, with a cow and Alison (taking a photo of the cow), is recent. Everything is wonderfully green!

Preparing for our next Burgundy private tour, checking out wineries, eating in great restaurants…more on that coming…

Happy summer!

Late bloomers like me and the panicolata, and second-bloomers…like the wisteria, flowering as the grapes get plump…

Healthy and happy grapes

When it rains… and, as the bard said, let it come down! Amazing rain storms this summer…

La vache! Actually the little white one is a heiffer, not yet a cow…moooo…

Annalisa, how lovely you are…and long lasting!

A fine year for hydrangeas…

No cotton but the hollyhocks are high

Coming up next: restaurant revelations, Chateau d’Igé, as great as always, better, even…and Bourgvillain, Laroche Aubergiste…impossible to find on the Web but just drive into the main and only square…plus Auberge de Jack on Gadling.com.

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