Food Art: The Incredible Sensuality of Food, a food photography exhibit by Alessandro Guerani

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by Jonell Galloway

Alessandro Guerani‘s food photography approaches true art.

Photo courtesy of Alessandro Guerani.











Food is not, after all, only a story of taste. It is about texture and how it feels in your mouth. It is about whether it looks appetizing, how it is presented on the plate. It is about the smells coming from the kitchen, gently seducing you to the table, and the taste you have while it’s in your mouth and the aftertaste that lingers. It can even be about sound, for example, when the alcohol goes up in flames as they flambé your crêpes Suzette.

Guerani manages to bring all the senses together in a single photograph, even though the smells, texture and other senses are not concretely present. It remains, after all, a photograph, but a photograph like none other, because though visually beautiful, it takes you beyond the confines of visual.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

You can see more of Alessandro’s photos on his website, Fotografia.

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1 Comment
  • matcha green tea
    June 23, 2013

    Really great post. I was never idea that food can be an art. I am very interested on this.