Food News Daily: August 24, 2011

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Mainstream Anglo Media and Press

Bending the Rules on Bacteria (Harold McGee), The New York Times

True Food (a video), National Geographic

True Characters: You and Barry McBride have set up a restaurant with no name and no prices in Killarney, Irish Times

Study Suggests Children Can Learn to Eat Smart Before They’re Born, Food Channel

Russians dodge £75,000 bill at Sardinia’s Billionaire nightclub, 8 young Russians ordered 90 bottles of champagne, The Guardian

Ready for tikka masala cheese? Alex James hopes so…, The Independent

The Self-Taught Mad Genius of Gelato, Wall Street Journal

The Magic of Jumping Spores (how sake is made), Japan Times

A Roadie With a Whisk (moonshine vinaigrette in a trailer kitchen), The New York Times

See Our Dish of the Year (Hint: It’s Crispy, Juicy, and Made of Pork), Bon Appetit

Best of the Anglo Food and Travel Blogs and Sites

A Fund for Jenny Perillo (food blogger whose young husband died suddenly of a heart attack, leaving her with young children), David Leite

Asian-Latin Inspiration from 2006 Best Chef, Zester Daily

New study: healthy diets produce health benefits, Food Politics

Purple Hull Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette, The Runaway Spoon

In a Pickle: How to Make Garlic Dill Pickles, Serious Eats

Fresh corn pancakes, Kitchen Dining Etc.

Alternative Press/Sites

USA Becomes Food Stamp Nation but Is It Sustainable?, Reader Supported News

Police Break Up Violent Doughnut Crime Ring In Greece, Huffington Post Food


Chana Chat. Indian Spicy Salad, Kayotic Kitchen

Spicy Pickled Cucumbers, Appetite for China

Limoncello Recipe – Authentic Italian Recipe from Amalfi, Kentmazzia

Why I Cook, Jenn Cuisine

The Thought that Counts (peanut butter cream pie for Mikey), Indian Food Rocks

Alessandro Guerani – Fotografia, Alessandro Guerani




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