Health Challenge: Getting your vitamin D fix this winter

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by Tamar Chamlian

Vitamin D is of vital importance to our bodies. Most of us know that simple exposure to the sun for up to 10 minutes a day is sufficient for the body to make its own vitamin D.

Now that winter is setting in, if you live in countries that barely see the sun for months on end, you will need to seek other sources of getting your vitamin D.

It’s actually simple and easy. Here are the top three foods that can provide you with Vitamin D, with suggestions on how to use them.

1. Salmon or tuna

Toss the salmon or tuna into a mixed green salad. Add a few hard-boiled potatoes and some freshly cut green asparagus. You get yourself the vitamin D as well as a healthy, delicious salad.

2. Eggs

There are a million and one recipes into which you can incorporate eggs.

Here’s an interesting one that’s delicious, original, and easy to make: Egg & Bacon (optional) Pizza. Drizzle a few teaspoons of olive oil on pizza dough, break three eggs (careful to keep the yolk intact), slice a few cherry tomatoes and sprinkle on top, then finally sprinkle grated mozzarella cheese and some rocket salad. Cook until brown and crispy.

3. Foods fortified with vitamin D, such as milk

What easier way to consume it way than mixing it with cereal every morning! And of course, here in Switzerland where I live, there’s no lack of great-tasting local milk for drinking or making smoothies.

Tamar Chamlian studied in Lebanon and the U.K. She is a food scientist and holds a Master’s degree in food marketing. She currently lives in Switzerland.

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