Life-changing Videos: David Korten: Capitalism’s Threat to Democracy and the Food System

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“David Korten explains that our existing industrial agriculture system receives essential public subsidies (and tax supports) that offset the real costs of energy, and food production. Without these supports, the global food system would no longer be economically viable. Who are the true beneficiaries of a food system that separates the eater from the source of their food? The large agribusiness corporations. Korten argues that both “peak oil” and climate change makes it imperative that we transition to a more localized food economy to insure continued access to adequate food supplies.”

It’s time we took our future into our own hands by supporting our local economies, learning to grow our own food, and generally rebuilding local food systems, by making the well-being of human beings more important and central in our lives than corporate earnings.

Click here to listen to The Capitalist Threat to Democracy, Part 1.

Click here to listen to Capitalism’s Threat to Democracy, Part 2.

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