Summary of #futurefoodwriting live chat, April 20, 2012, “Advice for Future Food Writers” & John Birdsall’s rebuttal “What Amanda Hesser Got Wrong”

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1,428 people took part in the #futurefoodwriting Twitter chat, which included the panelists listed below. The idea for the chat was sparked by an April 10, 2012, article by Amanda Hester of Food 52, “Advice for Future Food Writers,” and John Birdsall’s of CHOW’s rebuttal, “What Amanda Hesser Got Wrong”
  • Amanda Hesser, former The New York Times food editor and writer, and co-founder of CHOW food community @AmandaHesser
  • John Birdsall, Senior Editor of @Corie Brown, @John_Birdsall, who wrote the initial direct rebuttal to Amanda’s article, “What Amanda Hesser Got Wrong.”
  • Bill Daley, former food editor and writer at the Los Angeles Times, deeply involved in the food publishing world @ZesterDailyDianne Jacob, food feature writer at Chicago Tribune @BillDaley
  • Dianne Jacob, food writing coach @diannej
  • Tweet Chat, cookbook writer @mbhide
  • Gloria Nicol, food writer for The Guardian @thelaundry
  • Wilson Dizard III, veteran journalist, former Newsweek and McGraw Hill, specialized in high tech and global intelligence, author of “Quelling Quitchen Qualamities” column on The Rambling Epicure @wdizard

We’re trying desperately to collate the Twitter feed here, but there are far too many it seems. It’s easy to follow the tweets by typing in the hashtag #futurefoodwriting in Twitter or Google, or on Tweet Chat or Tweet Reports, but start reading from the end, since it lists everything in chronological order and will therefore give you a clearer idea of the initial subject that sparked the chat and the ensuing discussion. If we manage to collate them, we will publish them here and on our site The Rambling Epicure. If you want to delve deeper into the subject, I suggest you read “Reference Reading for Friday’s Twitter Chat #futurefoodwriting @RamblingEpicure” and the numerous related articles on our site.

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  • Amanda
    April 21, 2012

    Well done, Jonell – a mammoth effort!

  • Marge @ A Sweet and Savory Life
    April 21, 2012

    It was really interesting– thanks for organizing it.

  • Sarah
    April 23, 2012

    Thanks Jonell for organizing the talk. Although I couldn’t make it, I enjoyed reading the tweets. Many interesting comments and thoughts.