Switzerland: leshop.ch: Migros Full-Service Home Delivery, Perfect for Bad Weather or Illness

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by Jonell Galloway

Migros’s home delivery service is perfect during this period of icy, snowy streets

Since I live in the old town in Geneva, I walk everywhere. A few years ago, I had shoulder and wrist injuries from carrying too many heavy shopping bags, and ever since, I’ve had to do my heavy grocery and household shopping with a trolley. A couple of years ago, after regularly hearing the leshop.ch ads on WRS, I decided to try and avoid pulling my heavy trolley, filled with milk, detergents, and other heavy products, up the hill from the Coop 2000 and the Boulevard Helvétique market to the Russian Church, so I tried leshop.ch. With the ice and snow on the streets, home delivery can definitely be a godsend.



Online supermarket shopping, a luxury that fits every pocket

Although the leshop site is not the most user-friendly and not everything is translated into English, it is still quite functional for a non-French-speaker, and they are gradually improving it.

The process is simple. Start by opening an account. This allows you to have a shopping cart, which you can use just like a shopping list that you put on the front of the refrigerator, adding things as you run out of them (I just leave my leshop.ch shopping cart open on the screen and add things as needed). When you are ready to order, send it in before midnight, and it will arrive on your doorstep between 5 and 8 p.m. the next day.

Weekly sales and promotions, careful packing

Migros weekly sales and promotions are available on the site, and they offer a full range, including their own store brands, major brand names, and an impressive range of Globus gourmet products. You can order groceries (including fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh milk), as well as pens and paper, cleaning products, small appliances, beauty products, sports gear, underwear and most other things you would buy at a regular Migros store. Cold items such as milk and cheese are delivered in insulated bags to keep them cold.

The only problem I’ve ever had was when a couple of cartons of soy milk burst in the shopping bag, and the deliveryman put the bag on my Persian carpet, leaving a big stain. I sent them an e-mail the next day, received a reply the same day, and Migros paid the cleaning bill for my carpet.


This is the perfect service if you are sick or recovering from an operation or pregnancy, have an injury as I did, or are just too lazy to go to the supermarket. It is also extremely convenient for the elderly or people with limited mobility, and if you drive your car to the supermarket, one might argue that it is more eco-friendly, since it is delivered by the postal service and doesn’t require a roundtrip to and from the supermarket.

Precise, reliable home delivery

There is a small fee for delivery, but the fee decreases with the size of your order. Regular customers receive coupons from time to time. I recently received one that gave me CHF30 off my next purchase, for example.

Above all, delivery times are precise, so you don’t lose time waiting around for the deliveryman, and delivery is not restricted with regard to location. If you often get caught in traffic jams and can’t be sure you’ll get home in time, you can give them your door code, and they will leave the bags on your doorstep. This is service, Swiss style.

This article was originally published on GenevaLunch.

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